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The cause of male pattern hair loss is not the mystery it once was but one thing is certain men have suffered male pattern Hair Loss since the beginning of time. Genetics play a large part in male pattern hair loss. These inherited tendencies to lose hair in a certain pattern can come from either the mother’s or the father’s side. Hormones can also play a critical role in the process.

Any of the hormones which combine to control male characteristics such as testosterone can trigger hair loss when found in combination with 5 alpha reductase, an age-related enzyme. The product of these two is called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and this process leads to male pattern hair loss.

Hair Weaving

Whatever the cause of male pattern hair loss the ramifications of Hair Loss can be extremely emotional as well as becoming a physical issue. It can have a devastating effect on a man’s self esteem, confidence and sense of well-being.

This loss of self-confidence can have a dramatic effect, from making you feel less able to compete in the dating world or the job market, to losing your edge or sense of self worth, in fact the emotional impact of baldness or hair loss is as individual as the men who experience it.

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Each one of our clients had their own individual reasons why they considered Hair Replacement. It is a uniquely personal set of circumstances that initially brought them to us. One thing that is always constant is that HDC respects this individuality. That’s why each client who comes through our doors is treated as an individual.

There are hair loss treatments for every hair loss condition, but taking the first steps to dealing with your hair loss can be difficult which is why we offer a FREE, confidential and no obligation consultation. Your first one-on-one consultation will be with one of our highly trained hair restoration technicians who will discuss and advise which Hair loss treatment is best for you in one of our comfortable, private and self contained treatment rooms designed with your comfort in mind.